don’t be alarmed…there really isn’t a toddler missing. well, there kind of is. i’ve lost 30 lbs so far, which is about the weight of a healthy toddler, so i guess you can say there is a toddler missing 🙂

Weight Be Gone - Running

from may 2013 to now (september 2013), those 30 lbs have come off through hard work. i started slowly, doing a 30 minute routine (powered by pandora’s ‘hard dance’ music) 4 days a week. it basically consisted of a non-stop 30 minute routine of crunches and running in place. very simple.

i already drink about a gallon of water a day and don’t drink soda, but i also did away with the sweet coffee drinks. it was tough saying good-bye to my caramel macchiato’s but i made the switch to just plain lattes.

my eating habits have steadily improved. i’m not a ‘health nut’, but i try and minimize the calories/fat and have been reading the food labels more often now. i still gotta have my good eats. in fact, i’m going to murder some bomb mexican food on my lunch break today, but that type of eating is now limited to like once or twice a week.

then in july i started running. i can say that it has kept me on a mission thus far and i love going outside to run. i can feel my runs getting stronger and my cardio getting better with each passing week. and did i mention it’s fun?! then there’s the people out there that run that are so passionate about it…it’s so cool. it drives me.

currently i’m doing about 12-13 miles a week right now, typically 3 miles per evening run, 4 times a week. my first official 5K is about a week away and i’m looking forward to it.

hopefully that toddler never finds me again and stays missing. keep running my friends.