it seems like every run has its own unique battles. at times i may be battling joint stiffness, sore muscles, weather, fatigue, mental toughness or any combination of those. usually i work through them during the run, making adjustments along the way. knowing my limitations as well, i continue on to meet this “preset” mental goal.

my previous run, i had set my mind on 3 miles, but my heel / achilles was bothering me so much i had to stop short. i gave myself a good 2 days of rest. yesterday, i said “i want to run for 30 minutes”. distance wasn’t important, but the time was. i knew i could knock out 3 miles at a good pace if i ran 30 minutes, but i also wanted to not “push” for anything and just focus on feeling good for those 30 minutes.

mission accomplished. it was a great run and i felt wonderful, and my body felt good as well. a small accomplishment and meeting that “preset” goal made my evening. enjoy the weekend and keep running!