seems like i’ve been in a rut or funk lately. it’s been 5 days since my last run and it’s like forces are conspiring against me. i’ve been feeling sick the past 2 days. just before that i had a great run though. best time on my 3 mile route so far. and before that, it was my back acting up. before that, it was my knee.

best run thus farbut the good news is that i feel i’m making the turn beyond whatever has been slowing me down. and this pho ga i had today is kicking my cold in the ass right now.

pho gamy running output for december was low. january is starting off horribly. the silver lining is that i’ve managed to maintain my weight and not gain any during this rut. i know this because my girlfriend got me a digital scale so i weigh myself every morning and everything has been to my satisfaction 🙂 i love my scale and it loves me, lol.

digital scalethe next step is to continue to make things happen. time to turn it around and amp up to my standard.

make things happen#makethingshappen