i’ve been attempting to cut back on the starbucks coffee by exploring some tea alternatives. i really do enjoy tea, so trying a few new teas is exciting! i’m not doing loose leaf tea just yet, although i have brewed some loose leaf tea in the past, for now i’m just exploring some various tea bag choices.

tonight i’m enjoying a cup of moringa mint tea from global moringa. it’s very pleasant and the mint is definitely prominent. i do enjoy mint so it’s a nice cup of tea for me.


the other tea i’ve been enjoying in the mornings is numi’s cardamom pu-erh. if you enjoy an “earthy” tea, then pu-erh tea is for you. it isn’t too “earthy” as the cardamom spice balances is it out.


moringa and pu-erh have other benefits which can easily be found via google 🙂 some being antioxidants, metabolism, energy, etc.

i’m looking forward to brewing some loose leaf teas soon…until then, cheers!