let me preface, i’m not a runner or train for marathons or anything like that. i try to escape for a jog/run a few days a week. that being said, i do have some heel and sore foot issues so finding a comfortable shoe for running was paramount. after some extensive searching, and because i didn’t want to break the bank, i decided to give the skechers go run ride shoes a try.

my initial thoughts after trying them on was that they fit me well. i’m a size 13 and having a light and good fitting shoe was something i wanted. also, i’ve been trying a couple of different socks that are more thicker, so making sure they fit well with the shoe was also important. the socks i’ve been using are the balega hidden comfort socks and the thorlo jmx13003 running socks.

my first runs felt so great! these shoes really absorb and provide comfort and support. i’m very happy with them thus far.

lastly, i must admit that i was a little skeptical, since skechers doesn’t immediately come to mind when i think of a running shoe. but after digging around reviews, etc, i was convinced. don’t just take my word for it, check out these blogs for more info: