wordpressso a few days ago i migrated my site from dotster.com hosting to godaddy.com hosting. such a big difference in speed and responsiveness of the site. dotster had become so slow and sluggish. even though this is a ‘fun’ site, nothing ‘critical’ at all…i was getting annoyed with dotster’s performance. whatever server i was on for shared hosting must have been oversold because the performance just sucked.

the main reason for this post is that i was surprised at how easy it was to migrate my entire site over. i had never done this, but being an “IT” guy, i basically knew what had to be done.

  • make a backup of the entire site folder/files
  • make a backup of the mysql database
  • create a new wordpress site on the new system
  • ftp and unzip the site folder/files into the main directory on the new system
  • import the mysql database into the new system
  • apply some tweaks here and there

this seems straight-forward and it totally was. i figured i would run into some issues but i really didn’t have too much problems at all.

godaddy has the usual mysql and phpmyadmin tools for administration so it made things easy. after setting up a new wordpress site and unzipping all the files i had previously backed up into the new directory structure, i imported the entire database (using phpmyadmin), which basically overwrote everything in the database of the newly created wordpress site. i manually edited the “wp-config.php” to reflect the database credentials on the newly hosted godaddy site (since it has the old database info from dotster), and made a few minor tweaks (to the wp_options table) via phpmysqladmin.

after that, boom! site was up and running, links working, etc. piece of cake!