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santa cruz beach boardwalk

my girls and i spent last weekend in santa cruz, as an early birthday party/gift for my youngest daughter. a first time there for them and they had a blast!


it had been many years since i had been there, but i always remember the giant dipper and the loggers revenge. those two rides just made an impression on me as a young kid and i’m glad my kids got to experience them and enjoy them as much as i did. i remember my dad riding the rides with me, especially the loggers revenge. being as he passed last year, it brought back some good memories just being at the boardwalk again.


the day was beautifully clear and warm. we couldn’t have asked for more so we spent all day enjoying every thing we could at the boardwalk.


the chocolate covered bacon at marini’s was a hit. the kids had seen an episode on some food show about this place at the boardwalk. they had seen it like a week prior to us visiting so this was a MUST in their minds. they headed straight for the chocolate covered bacon, so of course, we had to dig in and try it!


my younger two attempted to conquer the climbing wall. the height proved a little more difficult to overcome, but i gotta give it to them for trying!


of course we spent a little time on the beach too. they kids buried each other…that’s not really her feet in the picture above, it’s where we stuck the shoes, she wanted to appear all short 🙂


the drive back the next day was horrible but we made the best of it. we stopped at the casa de fruta and loaded up on some sweets. we hung out for a bit before heading back to the valley heat.


our final stop for dinner was at zamora’s in fresno for some bomb mexican food. this place really is pretty darn good!

great weekend with my kids and hopefully we made some memorable moments for them.


  1. Okay so since when did you have this blog mister!?
    Looks like you & the girls had a great time in SC. How was the chocolate covered bacon? I’d actually like to give it a try. Next time you’re in the area let us know, maybe we can meet up.

  2. nick

    18 July, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    my first comment (non-spam) lol! i just started it jacqueline, mainly to help log my kids stuff and running stuff too. let’s see if i can keep it updated, as i fall into the category of starting stuff and then getting disinterested haha.

    the bacon was pretty darn good. i actually preferred the peanut butter bacon brittle, that was my fave, but my youngest LOVED the chocolate covered bacon.

    i’ll let you know when i’m in your new area…i have a timeshare in Marina, it’s usually booked but if i get a chance to swing out that way, i’ll definitely let you know!

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