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site migration

wordpressso a few days ago i migrated my site from hosting to hosting. such a big difference in speed and responsiveness of the site. dotster had become so slow and sluggish. even though this is a ‘fun’ site, nothing ‘critical’ at all…i was getting annoyed with dotster’s performance. whatever server i was on for shared hosting must have been oversold because the performance just sucked.

the main reason for this post is that i was surprised at how easy it was to migrate my entire site over. i had never done this, but being an “IT” guy, i basically knew what had to be done.

  • make a backup of the entire site folder/files
  • make a backup of the mysql database
  • create a new wordpress site on the new system
  • ftp and unzip the site folder/files into the main directory on the new system
  • import the mysql database into the new system
  • apply some tweaks here and there

this seems straight-forward and it totally was. i figured i would run into some issues but i really didn’t have too much problems at all.

godaddy has the usual mysql and phpmyadmin tools for administration so it made things easy. after setting up a new wordpress site and unzipping all the files i had previously backed up into the new directory structure, i imported the entire database (using phpmyadmin), which basically overwrote everything in the database of the newly created wordpress site. i manually edited the “wp-config.php” to reflect the database credentials on the newly hosted godaddy site (since it has the old database info from dotster), and made a few minor tweaks (to the wp_options table) via phpmysqladmin.

after that, boom! site was up and running, links working, etc. piece of cake!


6 week wellness challenge


today i’m starting a 6 week wellness challenge via a work sponsored website. it’s really simple, you earn points daily for minutes of exercise, servings of fruits/vegetables, and 8oz glasses of water. i already drink a gallon a day so that part is easy. i just need to run some more and eat more fruits and vegetables.

i also found a cool app called “my diet diary”. it’s perfect for counting calories and logging exercise and meals.

let the games (and shenanigans) begin!

shake it up!


great breakfast shake this morning:

-chobani peach greek yogurt
-1 banana
-almond milk
-whey protein
-a few ice cubes

blend that shit up and enjoy!

keep running


when all else fails…keep running

the graffiti run – fresno, california

the graffiti runthe daughter and i had a blast!

run or dye – fresno, california


run or dye was totally fun! love this pic of me getting smothered and covered in blue, lol!

tea time

i’ve been attempting to cut back on the starbucks coffee by exploring some tea alternatives. i really do enjoy tea, so trying a few new teas is exciting! i’m not doing loose leaf tea just yet, although i have brewed some loose leaf tea in the past, for now i’m just exploring some various tea bag choices.

tonight i’m enjoying a cup of moringa mint tea from global moringa. it’s very pleasant and the mint is definitely prominent. i do enjoy mint so it’s a nice cup of tea for me.


the other tea i’ve been enjoying in the mornings is numi’s cardamom pu-erh. if you enjoy an “earthy” tea, then pu-erh tea is for you. it isn’t too “earthy” as the cardamom spice balances is it out.


moringa and pu-erh have other benefits which can easily be found via google 🙂 some being antioxidants, metabolism, energy, etc.

i’m looking forward to brewing some loose leaf teas soon…until then, cheers!

the rut

seems like i’ve been in a rut or funk lately. it’s been 5 days since my last run and it’s like forces are conspiring against me. i’ve been feeling sick the past 2 days. just before that i had a great run though. best time on my 3 mile route so far. and before that, it was my back acting up. before that, it was my knee.

best run thus farbut the good news is that i feel i’m making the turn beyond whatever has been slowing me down. and this pho ga i had today is kicking my cold in the ass right now.

pho gamy running output for december was low. january is starting off horribly. the silver lining is that i’ve managed to maintain my weight and not gain any during this rut. i know this because my girlfriend got me a digital scale so i weigh myself every morning and everything has been to my satisfaction 🙂 i love my scale and it loves me, lol.

digital scalethe next step is to continue to make things happen. time to turn it around and amp up to my standard.

make things happen#makethingshappen

first run of 2014

IMG_20140107_190105i started off 2014 with a sore knee and a bad back. the knee: a little sore from pushing myself during a run about a week before. the back: tweaked while moving some large/heavy items. not exactly how i imagined my 2014 starting. i actually had a tens unit hooked up to my lower back the morning of january 1st. but after a little rest and some time off, last night seemed perfect for my first run of 2014.

it kind of sucks to run in the dark, but by the time i get home from work…well, it’s dark! as soon as i walked in the door, i strapped on the running clothes, some reflective bands, my skechers and hit the ground running. sheow! it felt good! a whole week off and my run felt easy on me. my knee and back behaved as well. i finished off my run with some darigold REFUEL…ahh…so good.

i’m happy to be back at it, so cheers to 2014 and your running goals!

final days of 2013


my little "run" drawing for this evening

one day left in 2013 and reflecting a bit. it’s been half a year since i started running and the journey has been awesome. i’ve managed to drop about 35 pounds and stay on a good routine. my diet could be better, so i need to strive for a healthier diet in 2014. my bones may be a little achey but i feel healthier and more energetic since i began running.

so here’s to 2014 and continued running!

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