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yesterday, our work had a webinar / workshop that i sat through called “eat, drink, and be mindful”. it was presented by dr. susan albers, author of 50 ways to soothe yourself without food. i was intrigued when i first heard about it so i wanted to make sure i sat in and gave it a listen.

myself, i’m an emotional steady person. not much peaks and valleys, very even keel. not much stresses me out. when i do feel a little stressed, i can usually play my guitar and go into some other world, free of stress and free of what may be weighing on my mind. because of this, i don’t over indulge due to emotional stuff or stress. i’d say i give-in to the urge or the quick-snap, not well-thought decisions at times. or even the boredom eating. so i wanted to see what positive things i could take from this workshop as possible techniques to aide me during those times.

surf the urge
learn to ‘surf the urge’. when that urge to indulge into something comes, ride the top of that wave and surf it. don’t collapse under it. maybe surf it to another direction. accept the craving or urge for what it is and realize it will pass. focus on the immediate now, what’s in front of you, sounds, colors, textures, sensations…the wave will pass.

i think this is a great tool. to me, it seems the skill is in giving yourself the opportunity to apply it. we sometimes act so quickly to an urge or craving, that the difficult part would be to separate from it and allow yourself the opportunity to surf it. i think with practice, this can be done.

defrag yourself
as i mentioned, i’m not a person who stresses much, so this is probably something i wouldn’t ever do. however, i liked this approach to stress, mainly because i’m an IT person and can relate to ‘defragging’ your hard drive 🙂 it’s like defragging your mental hard drive. basically, it involves taking a 5-10 minute break, where you focus on breathing. you breath in good thoughts, and exhale those thoughts or emotions which are troubling you.

gratitude journal
start a gratitude journal. every day, write down a few things you are grateful for. think positive and stay positive seems to be the jest of this. this seems like such a simple thing to do and it directs your focus towards the positive. i think this would be a good thing to do first thing in the morning.

on that note, i am grateful for picking up a few ideas which can help me become a better version of me. sorta like an upgrade from sloppy beta code to something with less crashes 🙂



  1. Just ran across your blog – I like this post because I’ve been to a similar seminar on the topic. It was focused on mindfulness awareness; How to live and enjoy the moment, instead of being caught up in tomorrow or yesterday. Anyways, all the above suggestions are great. A journal in particular. What a great way to start the morning, having an attitude of gratitude.

  2. thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Danielle!

    i agree about journal, such a simple idea to aide towards a positive attitude.

    enjoy your day!!

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