are you a lone wolf or a pack runner?

that’s a good question, and right now, i’m definitely a lone wolf…aaawwwooooo! 🙂


i’ve always ran by myself. i’m not sure why. i’m definitely not an introvert, or socially inept, but when it comes to running, i just like running alone. it gives me time to think. it also becomes a battle in my head as to how my running is going…like ‘damn i’m sweating and tired already…but i need to keep at it’ or ‘shit, my ankle is hurting a lil bit, lemme alter the pressure a bit and see if it goes away’ or ‘almost there…let’s finish strong’. yes, it’s an ongoing conversation in there 🙂

i’m also not into conversing while running, since it messes with my breathing. i’ve only ran with my daughter and i’ll say a few things to her during our run, but it throws my breathing off so i try and keep it brief.

i know there are advantages to running with a group or a partner. for one, there’s accountability for each other. sometimes having a group or partner helps an individual be more dedicated. another is not being by yourself in case you get hurt. if you like conversing during your run to pass the time, running with someone is perfect.

so from the lone wolf, happy running!