So I forgot to post about my Whole30 Challenge for January. Here’s a quick breakdown…

The Good: I lost 11lbs in those 30days. I think I dropped 7lbs within the first 10days. I felt really good towards the end and minor aches/pains seemed to go away.

The Bad: Dude, was totally burnt out on eggs…seriously. Prepping every meal, every day…talk about doing dishes every single night. And of course, my food bill significantly went up $$$. Lastly, coffee without creamer…I never thought it could be so hard. I really missed that creamer, coconut milk just isn’t the same.

Overall, I enjoyed the challenge. It required some serious discipline but was well worth it in the end. Losing the weight without doing any exercise at all was awesome. It also pointed out how horrible I must be eating LOL! There were some bad spots though…some days were just rough, like my body didn’t want to go…was fatigued, headaches, etc. Once I added more potatoes to my recipes, it seemed to help.

Would I do it again? Yes. I’m already back to my ‘bad habits’ and need to ‘buckle down’. Maybe another Whole30 is in my future soon 🙂