the training for my first 5K has been going good. in 2 weeks, my daughter and i will be participating in the neon city run 5K. this seems like a great opportunity to do my first run because it sounds like a fun and friendly event. i know my daughter is looking forward to sporting some glow-in-the-dark stuff!

i don’t think it’s early for a 5K run either. i started running the first week of july, so it’s been about 10 weeks of running up to now. by race day, i’ll have 12 weeks of running under my belt. this article says you can be ready in 7 weeks, so i’m sure i’ll be ready for this 🙂

so physically, i should be prepared. the next question is running gear?

i got some good running shoes, skechers go run ride. they are lightweight, offer good support all around, and just fit well for me. i usually wear my balega hidden comfort socks with them, which keep my feet dry and without any sock slippage. i throw on some compression shorts under some loose fitting shorts, a shirt, and that about completes the gear.

lastly, what the hell do you eat before a race?

this article on “the pre-race meal” has some good tips, so i think i’m going to stick to their suggestions. the race is in the evening so i’m not worried about my stomach being unsettled at all. i’d be more worried about an early morning run because i typically don’t run in the morning, and my stomach is a bit touchy in the morning.

i think i’m ready for this!

and after?

well, signing up for more 5K runs of course! 🙂