olive festival

the girlfriend and i took a day trip over to paso robles to check out the 10th annual olive festival. totally wasn’t expecting it to be so cool, but when you combine olives with wine, you know it’s gonna be good time!

olive festival wine glass

we headed straight for the wine tickets 🙂 for $15 a person, we got a nice commemorative glass, a tote bag and some cool info on the event. we hit the ‘wine tent’ and got sauced in a hurry LOL! my favorite was the golden delicious from kelsey wine. i could definitely put down a bottle or two of that on a given day.

it started to heat up in paso robles, so after grubbing some tamales and tacos, we headed to the much cooler morro bay. the tamale and taco i had in paso robles did it’s job of soaking up my buzz and i was hungry again. yelp recommended tognazzinis dockside restaurant and it didn’t disappoint. i had the shrimp bisque and a dockside fish sandwich…friggin delish!

shrimp bisque

dockside fish sandwich

are you drooling? NO LEFT OVERS on my plate.

we chilled at morro bay near ‘the rock’ and just enjoyed the cool air. i took a little walk and wanted to grab something a little creative for a photo…i think i did alright with this shot.

morro rock

before we headed back, we grabbed a drink and some steamed clams…perfect way to finish off the wonderful day!