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bumps in the road

i’ve so neglected my blog…but it’s ok. it’s more of reminder of the journey i am on…a journey that includes running and diet. but no journey is complete without a few bumps in the road. recently, i’ve had a few.

bump #1 – my first kidney stone. yes, i found out towards the end of july i have a 1-2mm kidney stone on my left side. it kind of explains a lot. that pain on my lower left side wasn’t my back as i had thought. i had herniated a disk on that side many years ago and it is always problematic, so i just assumed i was having back problems. after pissing a little blood and a few doctors visits, which included a CT scan, it was confirmed i have a stone. since it’s really small, not too much to worry about, just need to make changes in my diet to avoid the formation of more stones, and drink plenty of water, which is easy because i already drink a lot of water.

bump #2 – gallstones. with my family history (on my mom’s side), the doctor ordered a gall bladder ultrasound just to ‘check things out’. turns out i have gallstones too! luckily, i’ve never had any pain at all regarding this. the surgeon said he’d remove it whenever i’d like, but since i have never had an issue, i’m going to wait. for now, more changes to the diet and some foods to avoid.

minor bump – blood sugar is a little high. no surprise there, the damn family has lots of diabetics. but on a good note, my cholesterol levels are friggin great! gotta avoid the sugars from here on out.

so i feel like i can run for a few miles, and feel awesome, but can’t out run my genetics 🙂

with all this going on, i’ve begun to follow (loosely) a new diet, a low oxalate diet. i didn’t pee out any stones, but my guess, and the odds are, that the kidney stones are oxalate formed, hence the low oxalate diet. no more nuts, beans, chocolate, and other high oxalate foods. but as i said, it’s been loosely followed to ‘ease’ my way into it. there’s lots of great resources for this diet and some great recipes as well. once i get a little more into it, i’ll share a few recipes and favorite sites.

this may have hindered my running for awhile, but i’m back at it and enjoying this fall running weather! ttfn!

site migration

wordpressso a few days ago i migrated my site from hosting to hosting. such a big difference in speed and responsiveness of the site. dotster had become so slow and sluggish. even though this is a ‘fun’ site, nothing ‘critical’ at all…i was getting annoyed with dotster’s performance. whatever server i was on for shared hosting must have been oversold because the performance just sucked.

the main reason for this post is that i was surprised at how easy it was to migrate my entire site over. i had never done this, but being an “IT” guy, i basically knew what had to be done.

  • make a backup of the entire site folder/files
  • make a backup of the mysql database
  • create a new wordpress site on the new system
  • ftp and unzip the site folder/files into the main directory on the new system
  • import the mysql database into the new system
  • apply some tweaks here and there

this seems straight-forward and it totally was. i figured i would run into some issues but i really didn’t have too much problems at all.

godaddy has the usual mysql and phpmyadmin tools for administration so it made things easy. after setting up a new wordpress site and unzipping all the files i had previously backed up into the new directory structure, i imported the entire database (using phpmyadmin), which basically overwrote everything in the database of the newly created wordpress site. i manually edited the “wp-config.php” to reflect the database credentials on the newly hosted godaddy site (since it has the old database info from dotster), and made a few minor tweaks (to the wp_options table) via phpmysqladmin.

after that, boom! site was up and running, links working, etc. piece of cake!


6 week wellness challenge


today i’m starting a 6 week wellness challenge via a work sponsored website. it’s really simple, you earn points daily for minutes of exercise, servings of fruits/vegetables, and 8oz glasses of water. i already drink a gallon a day so that part is easy. i just need to run some more and eat more fruits and vegetables.

i also found a cool app called “my diet diary”. it’s perfect for counting calories and logging exercise and meals.

let the games (and shenanigans) begin!

damn you, target…clever hackers

so i mentioned my credit card info was hijacked…apparently those who shopped at target, some 40 million plus, had their card information lifted…and i went black friday shopping at target. crap.

target confirms point-of-sale breach

it’s a pain in the ass to have to cancel your card and then await another card. now i have to go inside the bank for money. inconvenient, yes, but not the end of the world.

but what about the hack? seriously, this is like a train carrying gold…the timing of these guys, the influx of credit cards being used. talk about a haul. hats off to those hackers. shame on target for not being more security-aware during one of the biggest credit card seasons of the year.

some new art

my walls have a new piece of art…and it’s kick ass…and in the form of a poster by joshua andrew belanger titled “they keep calling me”. this poster pays homage to “the crow” and is a delight, check it out below…

"they keep calling me" by joshua andrew belanger

“they keep calling me” by joshua andrew belanger

i wish i could get a better picture of it as i think this picture doesn’t do it justice. the artwork is just killer. i have it in my corner of the room where my guitars and amp are…just the right addition to my little “jam” area 🙂

can you lend me a hand…or a finger?


sometimes reading comments to an article are way more interesting than the article itself.

i got a good chuckle out of this article: no, a severed finger will not be able to access a stolen iphone 5s

first of all, this is a legitimate concern i guess. although i’m not sure i’d trust my fingerprint security to some vendor, so it’s most likely a feature i’d never use.

but the comments regarding this article are kind of funny…haha…here’s a few:

-there’s reference to a ‘freshly chopped finger’ and that it could successfully unlock the phone

-trying to convince your kidnapper that severing your finger will not work…didn’t you read the article?!

-if it works off heat detection, heating the finger up in the microwave

-and this classic spin and twist: “so… if a thief attempts to access my stolen iphone, their finger will be severed, correct?”


i suggest that if your fingerprints are stolen, maybe apple can offer you replacement fingerprints through some sort of ifinger device 🙂


cake vpn

Cisco RV042i have been so busy at work getting things ready for a couple of upcoming projects, one of them including establishing a few ‘site to site’ vpn connections. with the help of the cisco rv042 vpn router, it’s been a piece of cake! i mean like easy as pie.

it’s been awhile since i’ve done some vpn configurations, but i do recall cisco ios commands being involved and it not being so straight-forward. with this little cisco vpn router, vpn connections have never been so easy. i’ve done a simple rv042 to rv042 vpn connection and also sophos utm (unix-based appliance) to rv042 vpn connection with such ease.

totally nerding out with this geeky device 🙂



just doing my job at work and received a starbucks card for my efforts. love this place!

blast from the past

so this site,, has been around for many years. unlike “googling” yourself, you can visit a site and view how it looked in the past. if has a snapshot of the site from a certain year and/or years, you can view it. it’s kind of cool to see some old sites i was a part of.

before blogging was blogging, you simply had a website you had to update frequently if you wanted to ‘blog’. i found my old personal homepage (they were called personal homepages instead of blogs, haha), circa 1997. i used to update my links, pics, and i even had a script that would display the “word of the day” and it’s definition via some unix script.

personal homepage from 1997

another pic from 1998

personal home page from 1999

after my daughter was born in 2000, i remember starting a family website in 2001. fortunately had a snapshot of it. this was the initial page and it’s early stages. ahh, i love seeing my little girl (my oldest now) and that graphic i put together 🙂

family website from 2001

so if you were on a website, worked on a website, or owned a website, go back in time via and see what you can find! 🙂



to watermark or not to watermark?

so i found a simple android app, phonto, which can add a quick text watermark. it does a good job, however i’m still searching for one which can do an image overlay because it would be nice to use a custom image.

i watermark my images for use on my photography site, but with this being a simple blog, i’m debating it. it adds a little work but in the end it’s a good idea i think. we’ll see if i can put in the work and continue to add a simple text watermark.

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