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foot rub


my girls know if they do little things for daddy they will always get rewarded. so my feet were tired and my daughter offered me a foot rub. she always does such a good job. she and her sisters were rewarded later with some yodigity yogurt….a perfect treat on a hot day.






another birthday down…hope you enjoyed your day my beautiful girl

good morning thoughts


“when sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?” – pam brown

coastal trip

my two younger daughters and i hit the coast early last week, staying in pismo and visiting morro bay, cayucos, and cambria.

pismo beach

we pulled into pismo and the girls quickly hit the beach. after checking into our room, we settled in and hopped over to arroyo grande to catch a movie, epic.

the next day we drove out to morro bay, hit just about all the candy shops and for some reason, the girls wanted mexican food. i was totally down for that! i fired up yelp on my phone and found a small little joint called “tacos de mexico”. this little tasty meal pictured below was bomb! chile verde, rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, chili, and a little bit of chips.

tacos de mexico

up next was hearst castle. the girls loved it there. they were amazed at everything and afterwards, we explored the grounds, which included the neptune pool, roman pool, and various buildings surrounding the main house.

hearst castle

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