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reblog – top 5 foods for runners

via Top 5 Foods for Runners | Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog.

Calling all runners! Want to choose the best fuel for your performance? Here’s a top five hit list.


The fiber in oatmeal helps prevent spikes in blood sugar, giving you energy evenly and consistently–a must for longer distance runs. Oats also tend to be pretty easy on the tummy, another important quality in a pre-workout meal.

Greek Yogurt

A huge part of running comes as soon as the run is over. Eating protein for recovery is vital to replenish energy stores and repair worn out muscles. Greek yogurt is high in protein, plus it has calcium to maintain strong bones.


Hungry before your run but don’t want anything that will weigh you down? Grab a banana for a balance of energy-producing carbs and B-vitamins, plus potassium and magnesium for active muscles.


This fabulous protein option comes chocked full of omega-3 fats. The heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats benefit cardiovascular health and fight inflammation. Just about all runners will tell you they’re no stranger to swollen and achy muscles and joints.

Chocolate Milk

One of the best recovery foods you can find, chocolate milk offers carbs and protein, plus fluid, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes–everything your body is looking for after a run.

via Top 5 Foods for Runners | Healthy Eats – Food Network Healthy Living Blog.

organic and local


if you’re ever in fresno, ca…specifically near the tower district, you have to stop in and try dusty buns. they pride themselves on local, organic, and fresh made buns. their ‘dusty bun’ – organic chipotle roast mary’s chicken and sesame cabbage slaw – is AMAZING. it’s got a little ‘kick’ to it, but the slaw just compliments that kick perfectly. it’s placed in their homemade bun, which is so soft and tasty, making it a great overall sandwich-style item.

check them out on facebook and twitter as well.

day trippin’

olive festival

the girlfriend and i took a day trip over to paso robles to check out the 10th annual olive festival. totally wasn’t expecting it to be so cool, but when you combine olives with wine, you know it’s gonna be good time!

olive festival wine glass

we headed straight for the wine tickets 🙂 for $15 a person, we got a nice commemorative glass, a tote bag and some cool info on the event. we hit the ‘wine tent’ and got sauced in a hurry LOL! my favorite was the golden delicious from kelsey wine. i could definitely put down a bottle or two of that on a given day.

it started to heat up in paso robles, so after grubbing some tamales and tacos, we headed to the much cooler morro bay. the tamale and taco i had in paso robles did it’s job of soaking up my buzz and i was hungry again. yelp recommended tognazzinis dockside restaurant and it didn’t disappoint. i had the shrimp bisque and a dockside fish sandwich…friggin delish!

shrimp bisque

dockside fish sandwich

are you drooling? NO LEFT OVERS on my plate.

we chilled at morro bay near ‘the rock’ and just enjoyed the cool air. i took a little walk and wanted to grab something a little creative for a photo…i think i did alright with this shot.

morro rock

before we headed back, we grabbed a drink and some steamed clams…perfect way to finish off the wonderful day!

smoothie up in ya: choco-bana-butter

choco-bana-butter ingredients

it’s time for a smoothie up in ya! haha, why ‘smoothie up in ya’? being an 80s glam band fanatic, one of my faves is ‘smooth up in ya’ by the bullet boys (video posted below)…so onto smoothie up in ya time!

smoothie up in ya: choco-bana-butter smoothie

1/2 to 3/4 cups of chocolate soy milk (you can substitute your favorite chocolate milk or almond milk as well)
4 oz of honey or vanilla non-fat greek yogurt
1 ripe banana
2 tbsp of pb2 powdered peanut butter (or real peanut butter). you can buy pb2 online, like via amazon, it’s friggin delish
1 tbsp of wheat germ
1 tsp of raw honey (or just regular honey)
4 cubes of ice

choco-bana-butter smoothie

blend it all together till smooth and enjoy!

do you have a favorite smoothie?

until next time, smoothie up in ya!

tilapia fish sandwich, 3 mile run, and a smoothie


this tilapia fish sandwich with a buffalo wing sauce cole slaw was tasty and simple to make.

the slaw:
mix some cole slaw, chopped cilantro, mayo, buffalo sauce, and a little lemon juice together.

the fish:
fry up your favorite fish, breaded or not.

grab a multi-grain ciabatta roll, or any sandwich bread of your liking. place your fish and cole slaw mix on it and dig in!

after that delicious dinner i went for a 3 mile run. i bested my time, but pushed myself. whew, very tired but it felt great.

after cooling off, it was time for a nice recovery shake.


a simple shake: 5 ice cubes, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup of chocolate soy milk, and a small package of granola. blend and enjoy!

the daily routine


the daily routine for the past two months has been, while at work, drink 1 gallon of water, 3 opti-men tablets, 2 raspberry ketone capsules, and 2 acai berry capsules. i try and walk about a mile on my lunch break, usually a stroll to fresh n easy meets that.

i’m averaging about 10 running miles a week right now (barely on my 3rd week). i’ve managed to drop about 18lbs thus far. still more work to do!

the main issue is my eating habits suck. i need to work on that. it will be challenging for sure…baby steps i guess…

watermelon margarita


tripas in memory of


this past saturday, june 8th, 2013 was the 1yr anniversary of my dad passing. in celebration, my brother n i made his favorite dish: tripas (intestine from the milk gut). we had family n friends over as well for the occasion. the tripas were made in an outdoor frying disc, marinated in pappys, beer, n buttermilk for a few hours before. in the end, the tripas were worthy of my dads approval…delicious!

guppy house

guppy house

over the weekend i grubbed like a boss at the guppy house in irvine, ca. noodles, sweet n sour chicken, n a side of pineapple.

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