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whole30: day 4

I started the Whole30 routine on January 1, 2016…so far it hasn’t been too bad. Aside from a cold I’ve been battling (has nothing to do with Whole30 or what I’m eating, I just got sick), I’ve been eating good and haven’t been too hungry. However, I do miss a few things like:

-my lattes with milk / brewed coffee with creamer…it’s been tough to adjust to how my coffee tastes now, but i’m getting used to it. i’ve been substituting coconut milk as my ‘creamer’.
-i do like an occasional starbucks banana bread or cake pop to satisfy my sugar craving. not having any treats or sugars like that is a tad difficult.
-no rice, no beans, no bread, no tortillas?! what!? i’m mexican, i love that shit, lol. although not having that has made me more creative in the kitchen, which has been fun.

Today, I prepped my first lunch…really simple: a couple of hard boiled eggs, half an apple, and some grapes. I also brought along a banana as a snack as well.

Here’s a few pics of the previous meals I’ve made:


Pan-seared salmon with baby golden potatoes and butternut squash.


Marinated some chicken for a few hours in a vinaigrette I made (apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, italian herbs, mandarin orange juice, and lemon juice), tossed it all in a pan/wok and cooked till near done, then finally added some yellow squash and brussel sprouts.


Morning Scramble: 3 eggs, turkey meat, squash, onions, shiitake mushrooms, and homemade salsa.

Cheers to your Whole30 Journey!



Very soon…I will be starting the Whole30 routine…pray for me 🙂

happy national running day

National Running Dayjust wanted to wish all the runners out there a happy national running day!

i’ve recently just moved my blog over to another host (this is my 3rd time, i’m becoming somewhat too familiar with this, lol). hopefully i’ll stay with this host for a bit longer.

have a great day!

christmas hookup!

linda totally hooked up this runner for christmas.

boom! new mizuno wave rider shoes.


and boom boom! tomtom runner watch.


i got the tomtom watch set to export the data in a format that my runtastic app likes, so all is good. happy 2015 and happy running!

still going

been still running, knocking out a 2 or 3 miler here and there. body has been doing ok, although my knee has been acting up, but i’m working through it. it’s almost time for some new shoes…maybe santa will bring me some mizuno’s for christmas 🙂

rock your pace and keep running!

bumps in the road

i’ve so neglected my blog…but it’s ok. it’s more of reminder of the journey i am on…a journey that includes running and diet. but no journey is complete without a few bumps in the road. recently, i’ve had a few.

bump #1 – my first kidney stone. yes, i found out towards the end of july i have a 1-2mm kidney stone on my left side. it kind of explains a lot. that pain on my lower left side wasn’t my back as i had thought. i had herniated a disk on that side many years ago and it is always problematic, so i just assumed i was having back problems. after pissing a little blood and a few doctors visits, which included a CT scan, it was confirmed i have a stone. since it’s really small, not too much to worry about, just need to make changes in my diet to avoid the formation of more stones, and drink plenty of water, which is easy because i already drink a lot of water.

bump #2 – gallstones. with my family history (on my mom’s side), the doctor ordered a gall bladder ultrasound just to ‘check things out’. turns out i have gallstones too! luckily, i’ve never had any pain at all regarding this. the surgeon said he’d remove it whenever i’d like, but since i have never had an issue, i’m going to wait. for now, more changes to the diet and some foods to avoid.

minor bump – blood sugar is a little high. no surprise there, the damn family has lots of diabetics. but on a good note, my cholesterol levels are friggin great! gotta avoid the sugars from here on out.

so i feel like i can run for a few miles, and feel awesome, but can’t out run my genetics 🙂

with all this going on, i’ve begun to follow (loosely) a new diet, a low oxalate diet. i didn’t pee out any stones, but my guess, and the odds are, that the kidney stones are oxalate formed, hence the low oxalate diet. no more nuts, beans, chocolate, and other high oxalate foods. but as i said, it’s been loosely followed to ‘ease’ my way into it. there’s lots of great resources for this diet and some great recipes as well. once i get a little more into it, i’ll share a few recipes and favorite sites.

this may have hindered my running for awhile, but i’m back at it and enjoying this fall running weather! ttfn!

another 5K in the books


today’s 5K was at 24:45.08

those little “preset” goals


it seems like every run has its own unique battles. at times i may be battling joint stiffness, sore muscles, weather, fatigue, mental toughness or any combination of those. usually i work through them during the run, making adjustments along the way. knowing my limitations as well, i continue on to meet this “preset” mental goal.

my previous run, i had set my mind on 3 miles, but my heel / achilles was bothering me so much i had to stop short. i gave myself a good 2 days of rest. yesterday, i said “i want to run for 30 minutes”. distance wasn’t important, but the time was. i knew i could knock out 3 miles at a good pace if i ran 30 minutes, but i also wanted to not “push” for anything and just focus on feeling good for those 30 minutes.

mission accomplished. it was a great run and i felt wonderful, and my body felt good as well. a small accomplishment and meeting that “preset” goal made my evening. enjoy the weekend and keep running!

6 week wellness challenge


today i’m starting a 6 week wellness challenge via a work sponsored website. it’s really simple, you earn points daily for minutes of exercise, servings of fruits/vegetables, and 8oz glasses of water. i already drink a gallon a day so that part is easy. i just need to run some more and eat more fruits and vegetables.

i also found a cool app called “my diet diary”. it’s perfect for counting calories and logging exercise and meals.

let the games (and shenanigans) begin!

shake it up!


great breakfast shake this morning:

-chobani peach greek yogurt
-1 banana
-almond milk
-whey protein
-a few ice cubes

blend that shit up and enjoy!

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