sometimes reading comments to an article are way more interesting than the article itself.

i got a good chuckle out of this article: no, a severed finger will not be able to access a stolen iphone 5s

first of all, this is a legitimate concern i guess. although i’m not sure i’d trust my fingerprint security to some vendor, so it’s most likely a feature i’d never use.

but the comments regarding this article are kind of funny…haha…here’s a few:

-there’s reference to a ‘freshly chopped finger’ and that it could successfully unlock the phone

-trying to convince your kidnapper that severing your finger will not work…didn’t you read the article?!

-if it works off heat detection, heating the finger up in the microwave

-and this classic spin and twist: “so… if a thief attempts to access my stolen iphone, their finger will be severed, correct?”


i suggest that if your fingerprints are stolen, maybe apple can offer you replacement fingerprints through some sort of ifinger device 🙂