jamminmy little place on the web for random thoughts, daily crap, nerd musings, family life, running adventures, and just about anything else i can spew.

honestly, this started out as just a simple blog, with intent on documenting a few things for my daughters to see, etc. then i got bitten by the running bug and this blog is slowly transforming into my journey into the unknown. hopefully it’s a healthier unknown for me…

my name is nick.

i’m a network administrator. i’m a musician and a photographer at times. i’m a father. i’m trying to be a runner (but it’s painful the older you get 🙂 ).

i like ‘hair metal’. i like routing and switching. i like coffee. i like water. i like air 🙂 i like ‘googling’ the shit out of something when i’m trying to make a decision on a product. i like blue moon and/or shock top. i like math, yes, i said math. i like singing. i like family. i like bbq. iLikeLife. <— see my little apple joke there

one day when i grow up, i want to be a child again. that would be great, don’t you think? i mean, you ever dress a child up on a rainy day and they walk outside and jump in the first puddle they see? isn’t that great?! that’s like me getting ready for work and then splashing through a puddle before i hop in the car and drive off…not going to happen right. but it’s that essence of my inner child i want to be at times.

so i’m 42 and getting back into a running routine. damn, it’s not easy. i’m still in the honeymoon stage of this. sore feet, sore legs, sore joints…i don’t remember it taking me this long to recover when i was in my 20s…haha. but i’m doing it and need to stick with it. no more excuses, no more crying and bitching about this or that. the time is now, so run now cry later…