quick update: i’ve completed 25 of 30 miles for november’s #thirtyin30 challenge…yay!!

now, onto some running help…

i’ve been dealing with achilles tendinitis and it sucks. i get that pain above the ball of my heel and it’s tight, especially in the mornings. it comes and goes throughout the day, depending if i’m still or sitting for long periods of time. i do computer work so i’m still or sitting for most of the day lol! as i’ve lost weight, i’ve noticed it isn’t as intense as it was many months ago. it’s manageable, but usually is worse the next day after a run.

i found a couple of things that have helped. first, the mcdavid achilles tendon support. it’s simple, yet offers some padding and enough support. the cool thing is it isn’t bulky and you can easily wear it over a sock and still put a shoe on without it being in the way. i’ve been wearing this during my runs now and have had a decrease in the amount of pain i have the next day.


second, blue emu. i was skeptical at first. although the reviews were good, i still had my doubts. when i received my order and opened the jar and there was no scent at all, i had more doubts. when i put some on and there was no ‘heat’ or ‘ice’ feeling, i even had more doubts, like how is this going to help me without any heat or ice feeling? it was like putting lotion on without any scent at all. but whatever magic is in that jar, it’s working…and i’m buying more of it.


as i mentioned, i still have that morning tightness and pain, it just isn’t as bad as it has been in the past. it’s been very manageable and i think these two little adjustments have helped (blue-emu and the achilles tendon support).

till next time, stay moving my friends #run