i got today and tomorrow to muster up 5 miles to reach my goal for this month: 40 miles. no pressure, very doable. i think i got this.

what i am worried about is next month. i’m starting off august with a trip to las vegas this weekend…no running happening there. probably lots of walking, but no running. i’m going to have to try and resist the gluttony of food and stick to the beer basics. i can always punish myself with running when i get back from sin city too 🙂

on the horizon: hopefully some smoothie recipes.

and what am i grateful for today? being happy at my place of employment. evaluations are coming up and i had to do a self-assessment…which i hate doing. it’s always tough to somehow give yourself praise. but anyways, i was grateful for enjoying work every day. in fact, i was noticing it has been like 100 days since i had a sick day! i was kind of proud of that.